5 Reasons to Upgrade to Motorised Curtains in Your Office

Motorised curtains

Find out why upgrading to motorised curtains could make a huge difference to your office space.

Curtains can be one of those things that blend into the background in an office environment. But when you think about it, windows tend to take up a large amount of the visible space in any office.

Any curtains, therefore, will also take up a considerable amount of space and contribute significantly to the feel of a room. When was the last time you considered the impact of the curtains in your office? Perhaps they’ve become faded and tired from the sun, or maybe they’re just looking old an out of fashion. Whatever the case, it could be the perfect time to upgrade to one of our motorised solutions.

Motorised curtains tracks from Corona Contracts offer businesses and workspaces an array of practical advantages over alternatives at a competitive price. Great quality motorised solutions are now within reach of even small businesses. What’s more, they’re adaptable to even the most unusual of spaces, so if you have hard to reach windows or an odd shaped building, chances are we’ll be able to find a solution that works. We have fitted motorised curtains in venues of all types, from cinemas and theatres, to conference centres and government buildings. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of motorised blinds that have been enjoyed by our customers.


One of the more obvious advantages motorised curtains offer over their manual counterparts is convenience. No longer will employees have to break their workflow and leave their desk to open or shut the curtains. Neither will anyone have to walk into a gloomy dark office first thing in the morning. With less time spent dealing with the little things, your team can spend more time getting stuff done!

Dramatic effect

Nothing creates an executive feel quite like an automated office. Whether you’re giving a presentation to clients, screening a video or making an impact on your audience, the smooth, near-silent glide of our motorised curtains is bound to impress. Even the largest of cinema screens can be kitted out with our motorised systems, so why not bring a bit of that dramatic effect to the office?

Reduce glare

Glare can be a real pain for staff and customers. If your staff aren’t able to focus properly on documents, screens and presentation materials their efficiency is certainly going to taper off. If visiting customers or guests can’t focus properly on the details, your products and services just won’t have the same impact. Get everyone focussed and on topic with a motorised solution that cuts out excessive glare.

Efficient insulation

In the UK we’re lucky enough to enjoy a wide variety of historic buildings in our many towns and cities. As nice as they are, one of the downsides is many of these buildings can get pretty chilly, especially in the winter. Our professionally fitted motorised curtains create an insulating air pocket between the curtain and the window. In doing this, they reduce the rate at which heat is lost through the window glass. This helps keep a room at a more comfortable temperature and can contribute to reducing heating bills too. It’s possible to set light sensors or timers to ensure that curtains automatically shut at times when heat loss can become a real issue.


Motorised curtains can be fully automated. If your office or place of business is sometimes left unattended, a motorised solution can make it much harder for a potential intruder to know when the space is unoccupied. Movement of the curtains late at night or early in the morning is enough to put off potential opportunists and you won’t have to worry about the curtains accidentally being left open overnight either.

Corona Contracts offer the highest quality design, manufacture, installation and after care service when it comes to motorised office curtains. Motorised solutions provide a wonderful array of advantages over regular curtain systems. If any of the points we’ve covered sound like what you’ve been looking for then why not reach out to us today for a no obligation chat about how we can help you?