Corona Contracts design and install custom canopies from £4040+VAT. These sturdy quality structures are perfect for creating a flexible, all-weather outdoor area to add to your building.

A canopy is a fixed permanent outdoor structure typically found in gardens and outside restaurants, cafes and bars. Used to create protected outdoor spaces, they provide shelter from the sun and rain. Our all-weather aluminium canopies consist of vertical posts or pillars that support cross-beams and a glazing choice of glass or polycarbonate roof material.. This construction provides total control over light, shade and airflow and adverse weather, making our canopies perfect for use at any time of year.

Ten Year Warranty

The Corona Contracts canopy structure is powder coated to maintain a new look. This also allows us to offer a TEN YEAR WARRANTY.


The design of a canopy can vary and can be made to your exact specifications. They can be as large or as small as required depending on the space available and retain total flexibility when it comes to shade and weather protection.

A choice of side finishes are available with solid or glass walls and sliding glass doors to complete the protection.

Our canopies are completely free-standing with sturdy concrete leg bases installed by us.

Our sturdy aluminium designs are manufactured in the UK, saving on greenhouse gas emissions, transport costs and installation times.

Our canopies can be built to your specifications and delivered and installed within a matter of weeks.

All of our structures are accredited to BS EN1090 and products have been load tested to ensure longevity.



Benefits of a canopy from Corona Contracts

Pay-back Benefits: Our canopies in many settings literally pay for themselves. The estimated pay-back time can be easily established with a very simple calculation based on extra café / restaurant covers over a time period. These structures continue to prove worth as a major investment for any commercial setting.

Quick turnaround: Our canopies are custom-designed to our client’s specifications, but since they’re made in the UK they can be built, installed and ready for use in a matter of weeks.

Aftersales support & warranty: Every canopy that we install comes with a 10 year guarantee. We build each structure to meet or exceed all relevant safety standards and to withstand the rigours of commercial use for years to come.

Custom designs: Our commercial clients come from a huge variety of backgrounds, from restaurants and bars, medical facilities to schools and universities. For this reason, we design canopies in custom sizes to suit any kind of space or environment.

Quick, tidy installation: When your canopy is ready to be installed, our skilled team will aim to complete the process in just one working day. Thanks to our many years of experience working with high-level commercial clients, our installers know how to complete work with minimal disruption to your business. Absolutely no mess left behind when work is complete.

UK manufactured: Since our canopies are designed and manufactured in the UK, they’re great for the environment. Because they don’t have to be shipped internationally they minimise greenhouse gas production whilst also supporting jobs in British manufacturing.

Privacy: Our canopies can be customised to allow different degrees of light and transparency, providing a privacy benefit where required.



What are canopies useful for?

A canopy is a fantastic way to offer your clients or customers:

  • More space to create additional comfortable area for bars, cafes, and restaurants etc.
  • Shelter for a smoking or dining area
  • A more stylish premises to spend time in
  • A sun trap for the summer months
  • Relief from excessive glare, or winter rain

Who might benefit from a canopy?

Any client wishing to make the most of their outdoor space can benefit from a canopy. We regularly work with schools, universities, hospitals, the NHS, bars, restaurants and cafés. They are an extremely low maintenance structure and can provide years of use without any extra cost.

If you want to know more about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!