How to maintain commercial blinds

Projector room blackout blinds

Properly maintaining your commercial blinds gives you more bang for your buck, and we’re going to show you how.

With satisfied customers right across the North West and the surrounding districts, we’ve designed, manufactured and installed hundreds of bespoke systems. Each time, our blinds systems save our clients money by providing excellent durability, perfectly suited to the rigours of commercial use.

Clients who contact us after installation is completed are always impressed with our aftercare services, which we believe are second to none. Since we control every aspect of the manufacturing and installation process ourselves, providing comprehensive aftercare services is part of our mandate. For clients who have had their blinds for some time, we thought it might be helpful to pull together a little information about how to keep commercial blinds looking great for longer.

Stain removal

Accidents happen. From time to time your blinds may get splashed with drinks, or become marked simply from daily use. Whatever the cause, take care when attempting to remove stains to avoid permanently discolouring your material. The first port of call should be water. Using a soft cloth and some lukewarm water, gently dab at the offending area. Remember not to rub as this could make the mark worse or damage the fibres of the blind, simply blot and lift.

If this isn’t enough to remove the mark, you may think to try an off the shelf stain removal product. Proceed very carefully here, since the wrong products can cause damage. If you’re not confident with this then just give us a call, we’ll be able to confirm whether a cleaning product is appropriate or not for your installation. Likewise, if you’re curious about using scotch guard or other similar stain prevention treatment for your blinds, check with us to ensure you use the most suitable product for your blinds.


No matter how clean your environment, dust is unavoidable. There are various blind and curtain dusting products available on the market. A multi slat duster such as this can be very effective for venetian blinds. Regular dusters will work fine for vertical blinds but we recommend avoiding brightly coloured dusters to minimise any possible risk of dye transfer onto your blinds. If your cleaning staff intend to use vacuum cleaners on your blinds, make sure that they use soft attachments so as to avoid abrasions. Also ensure to not use attachments that have been used on other surfaces, since this can transfer dirt onto the blinds.

Keep surrounding areas clean

One important factor in protecting your blinds is keeping the surrounding areas clean. Remember than dust and debris from floors and nearby furniture can find its way to other surfaces, so by keeping other areas clean you’ll ensure cleaning your blinds is as straightforward as possible. Even a quick bit of hoovering at the end of each working day can make a big difference.

Use our aftercare service

If you need more tips or specific advice about maintaining one of our blinds systems do not hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to offer support to all of our clients, no matter how new or old their installation. You can get in touch through our website here, or simply give us a call.