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    Do blackout blinds save energy?

    At Corona Contracts, we manufacture and install a whole range of light control products, from stage curtains, to window film and motorised blinds systems. Among our most popular products have always been our blackout blinds. Our blackout blinds, like our other products, are designed, manufactured and installed by our in house team. By controlling the entire process from start to finish, we are able to make certain that our blackout blinds offer the perfect fit required for a complete blackout. Clearly there will always be a need for blackout blinds from hotels, presentation suites, lecture halls and other such buildings, but the benefits of our blackout blinds actually go far beyond simply blocking all light from entering a room. Do blackout blinds save energy? In order to block all light from entering a room, blackout blinds are built from layers of extremely tightly woven, high quality fabric. The construction of the layers is such that they work together to neutralise all light. By creating a complete barrier in front of the windows of a building, blackout blinds pose a secondary and most welcome benefit – energy saving through thermal insulation. About 30% of the heat lost from a room...

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    Four ways Corona Contracts blinds and curtains can benefit businesses

    Blinds and curtains can benefit businesses by lowering the amount you’re spending on heating, reducing glare from sunlight and increasing the productivity of your workforce. Corona Contracts have proudly designed, manufactured and installed top quality light control solutions for businesses in the north west and the surrounding areas for many years. We’re proud of our reputation for top quality products and have had the pleasure of working with clients in a number of industries, from entertainment, to commercial businesses and the NHS. Can you business benefit from our great value, bespoke blind and curtain systems? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons businesses favour our products. Bespoke blind and curtain systems for businesses We know that sub par products cost business money in downtime, maintenance and replacement costs, so our top priority is providing the best quality products we can. Setting out with this in mind in one thing, but quality needs to tightly controlled at every stage of the project if the product is to live up to these goals. For this reason, we never subcontract at any point in the process. Our in house team of product designers first devise the perfect solution for our...

  • Hotel curtains

    Quality blackout curtains for hotels

    Blackout curtains are enjoying widespread popularity in a number of places. This once specialist product has made its way to the mainstream and is even becoming increasingly common in private homes as well as commercial buildings. As the pace of working life increases, it becomes all the more important that we get full and proper sleep whenever we are able to. Nowhere is this more important than in the hotel industry. When creating blackout curtains for hotels, quality control and professional installation is a must in order to avoid costly maintenance and unhappy customers. At Corona Contracts all our blackout curtains and blinds for hotels are created by us, from design, manufacture to installation. Not only do our customers benefit from the best quality products, their downtime and maintenance costs can be reduced the products last for years, potentially saving substantial amounts of money. Total blackout curtains for hotels One of the most important factors affecting a how a guest feels about their stay in a hotel is the quality of sleep they’re able to get. Curtains that fail to effectively block light, either from the sun or from nearby street lights and other sources, can have a big...

  • Projector room blackout blinds

    How to maintain commercial blinds

    Properly maintaining your commercial blinds gives you more bang for your buck, and we’re going to show you how. With satisfied customers right across the North West and the surrounding districts, we’ve designed, manufactured and installed hundreds of bespoke systems. Each time, our blinds systems save our clients money by providing excellent durability, perfectly suited to the rigours of commercial use. Clients who contact us after installation is completed are always impressed with our aftercare services, which we believe are second to none. Since we control every aspect of the manufacturing and installation process ourselves, providing comprehensive aftercare services is part of our mandate. For clients who have had their blinds for some time, we thought it might be helpful to pull together a little information about how to keep commercial blinds looking great for longer. Stain removal Accidents happen. From time to time your blinds may get splashed with drinks, or become marked simply from daily use. Whatever the cause, take care when attempting to remove stains to avoid permanently discolouring your material. The first port of call should be water. Using a soft cloth and some lukewarm water, gently dab at the offending area. Remember not to...

  • Technical window film

    Uses and Features of Technical Window Film

    At Corona Contracts, as well as our industry leading blind and curtain systems, we also offer a selection of other products and light control solutions, including technical window film, which has many uses and applications. We offer a bespoke technical window film supply and fitting service, providing businesses with an economical way to display branding, increase privacy and customise their internal spaces. Technical window film can be used on its own as a single light control solution, or combined with our curtain and blinds for even greater control of your lighting. On top of our translucent technical films we also offer a dedicated window graphics service, implementing your designs as vibrant opaque laminations. Want to know more about how our window film could benefit your business? Read on to learn about some of the advantages of our latest product. An easy way to add branding to your workplace Our work is built on over 20 years of contracting experience. During this time we’ve been creating and installing all kinds of bespoke light control solutions for businesses. We’ve got the tools needed to customise any of our products, but some of the most versatile customisations are available for our technical window...

  • Office design trends

    Office design trends of 2017

    At Corona Contracts many of our customers are from office-based businesses. Over the years we have created bespoke curtain and blind solutions for a number of high profile executive offices, boardrooms and conference rooms. Sometimes we are contacted when a business needs a refresh, on other occasions we work directly with interior design teams during the planning and construction phase of an office build in order to provide a bespoke solution that fits with the surrounding architecture. Having had the privilege of working in a number of impressive executive spaces, we thought we’d put together some observations on modern office trends that might be of interest if you’re moving into a new space or considering a refit. Remember, all of our blind and curtain solutions are entirely bespoke, so whatever your dream setup is, we’ve got the expertise to help you realise it. Wireless gadget charging Built in technology has been on the horizon for a while, but with wireless gadget charging now starting to become more prevalent, built in technology is going to become more ubiquitous in the workplace. Even Ikea now sell desks with integrated wireless charging points. Of course, this is really going to hit the...

  • Motorised curtains

    How to make the best use of your stage curtains

    At Corona Contracts, stage curtains are one of our specialities. Once the preserve of large theatre spaces and cinemas, more and more venues have begun to recognise the improvements that they offer to medium and large spaces. Quality stage curtains provide not only a stunning visual appearance, but a range of practical advantages too. Not only that, but with stage curtains from Corona Contracts you can trust that yours will be built to last. Stage curtains from Corona Contracts are built to order to the exact specifications of our clients. Want a specific colour or material? No problem. Over the years we’ve worked on just about every combination of designs and colours available. All you need to do is let us know a few details about your space and the kind of effect you wish to achieve, we may pop along for a site visit, then we can prepare a quote. Once everyone is in agreement we can get to work immediately. We manufacture our stage curtains right here in the U.K., from our facility in Preston. With many years experience providing stage curtains to businesses across the country we’ve developed workflows that are quick and efficient, meaning great...

  • Office blinds

    Office Blinds Buying Guide

    A quick office blinds buying guide of what to keep in mind when getting new blinds for your work space Over the years we have carried out numerous office blind installations for happy customers across Preston, Lancashire and the North West. We’ve had the pleasure of working with businesses of all sizes, from single room offices to multi-storey operations. For all of these clients, we have fabricated and installed the ideal blind or curtain solution for their environment. Our range of blinds covers everything from complete blackout blinds, popular with our clients in the hospitality industry, through to luxury material, motorised and automated options. Our products are bespoke and so can be completely tailored to the requirements of our clients. What doesn’t change is our commitment to outstanding service both before, during and post-installation. Based on our previous experience, we’ve put together a quick checklist of things to consider when thinking about your new office blind installation. Timing When exactly to get started varies on a case-by-case basis. Are you creating a new build, undergoing a thorough office renovation or just having work done on the area around the windows? If you have a lot of work going on...

  • School hall curtains

    Stage curtains and summer renovations for schools

    We’re heading into a very busy time for schools and colleges, exam season is on the horizon and most will be pooling available resources into planning for that period. When exams are finally concluded and summer arrives we head into a busy time of a different variety. We’ve worked with a huge number of primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities so we know the familiar routine; once the students head off for the summer, it’s time to get the contractors on site. Read on to find out about how stage curtains factor into your summer renovations. Over the years we’ve manufactured and installed blinds and curtains for school halls, classrooms, drama studios and auditoriums. We understand the time pressure that is placed on the limited window that is the summer, planning ahead is vital. If you’re thinking about updating or repairing your institution’s curtains or blinds get in touch with us as soon as possible for a chat about your timescales, we may have limited availability during this high demand period. The blinds and curtains we create and install are all made to order. We can manufacture and fit a huge range of drop lengths to fit even very...

  • office blinds

    Environmentally friendly office blinds

    Getting the right environmentally friendly office blinds can help maintain the temperature you want, reducing heat loss and preventing over heating. High quality, well-fitted blinds fit windows perfectly, and if they are custom made you can use the right materials to get the results you want. Blinds that are fitted for a specific environment offer a wide range of advantages to the workplace. Particularly in larger offices, blinds will save you money by slowing heat gain and loss through window glass. Overheads are important, and the amount of savings that can be made from having the right blinds can be significant. Windows are the primary area of heat loss in buildings, particularly in large rooms that are difficult to heat, and the insulating boost from well-fitted blinds will make a big difference to any building. Blinds will also help to reduce reliance on air conditioning to adjust the temperature, making your office more environmentally friendly. At Corona Contracts we have a wide range of manually operated blinds, but we also create bespoke, motorised blinds systems for remote control and automatic activation. They provide an elegant solution for windows that are hard to reach, but they also have obvious advantages...

  • Roof blinds

    Office blinds with minimum disruption

    At Corona Contracts we are highly valued for our excellent customer service and aftercare, and we always install office blinds with minimum disruption to you and your business. Controlling each step of the process We take control of each blind design, manufacture and installation project, allowing us to deliver our service on time and to your exact specifications. From working with you to determine your requirements, to creating the design that meets your practical and aesthetic needs, we always maintain good relationships with our clients so that they know exactly what to expect at each stage of the process. By engineering the blinds ourselves, we have control over costs and delivery, meaning that we have all we need ready to begin and complete the installation very promptly. On top of that, we know what we are working with. The practical experience we have with the high quality, Italian-made Mottura components that we use means we are accustomed to delivering a very high quality finish and a well-made, long-lasting product. This naturally puts us in a strong position to provide excellent after care once the project has been completed. Office blinds installation with minimum disruption Our trained technicians are true...

  • Motorised curtains

    5 Reasons to Upgrade to Motorised Curtains in Your Office

    Find out why upgrading to motorised curtains could make a huge difference to your office space. Curtains can be one of those things that blend into the background in an office environment. But when you think about it, windows tend to take up a large amount of the visible space in any office. Any curtains, therefore, will also take up a considerable amount of space and contribute significantly to the feel of a room. When was the last time you considered the impact of the curtains in your office? Perhaps they’ve become faded and tired from the sun, or maybe they’re just looking old an out of fashion. Whatever the case, it could be the perfect time to upgrade to one of our motorised solutions. Motorised curtains tracks from Corona Contracts offer businesses and workspaces an array of practical advantages over alternatives at a competitive price. Great quality motorised solutions are now within reach of even small businesses. What’s more, they’re adaptable to even the most unusual of spaces, so if you have hard to reach windows or an odd shaped building, chances are we’ll be able to find a solution that works. We have fitted motorised curtains in venues of...