Advice & Tips

  • Energy saving lightbulb

    Do blackout blinds save energy?

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  • Wooden blinds

    Four ways blinds & curtains from Corona Contracts benefit businesses

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  • Hotel curtains

    Why quality is important in blackout curtains for hotels

    Blackout curtains are enjoying widespread popularity in a number of places. This once specialist product has made its way...

  • Projector room blackout blinds

    How to care for your commercial blinds

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  • Technical window film

    Technical window film for businesses: its uses & features

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  • Office design trends

    Office design trends of 2017

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  • Motorised curtains

    How stage curtains can be used for dramatic effect

    At Corona Contracts, stage curtains are one of our specialities. Once the preserve of large theatre spaces and cinemas,...

  • Office blinds

    Office Blinds Checklist

    A quick guide of what to keep in mind when getting new blinds for your work space Over the...

  • School hall curtains

    School hall curtains – get ready for summer renovations

    We’re heading into a very busy time for schools and colleges, exam season is on the horizon and most...

  • office blinds

    Office blinds for a more environmentally friendly workspace

    Getting the right blinds for your office can help to maintain the temperature you want, reducing heat loss and...