Office Blinds Installation Service

Office Blinds Installation

Corona Contracts design, manufacture and install an array of office blinds for all kinds of spaces. Whether you run a single unit or require a consistent aesthetic across a large premises, we can meet your needs.


We can work with you from the early design stages, consulting on the effect you wish to achieve and printing custom fabrics to create exactly the look you want. As we design, print and manufacture office blinds, we can fine tune the practical and aesthetic aspects of the design to create the the blinds system that is right for you. Our extensive range of Italian made Mottura components enable us to create many kinds of blind systems, combined with our fabric stock and the ability to print completely custom designs, your design options are almost limitless. We can work with you to create stylish, branded blinds that show off your business, or stripped back designs that have a big impact in a minimalist space. Often taking up a significant surface area, the impact blinds have on the feel of a space should not be underestimated.


To ensure that you have the best possible blinds for your situation, we manufacture blinds systems ourselves. We can do this meet a huge range of style, application and budget constraints.

Office environments need tough fittings and fixtures. Our blinds use only the highest quality damage-resistant fabrics. We control the entire process, from design to aftercare, to ensure that you get great lifetime value from your investment. We use Italian made Mottura components to build blinds to the highest of standards. We can also carry out the bespoke printing of fabrics to carry your business logo or message onto blinds with unique designs.

Heat control

Appropriately made and fitted blinds offer a wide range of advantages to office environments. Particularly in larger offices, blinds offer an economic advantage in slowing heat gain and loss through window glass. Windows are the primary area of heat loss in buildings and in large rooms that can be difficult to heat so the insulating boost from the blinds can be most welcome. This is especially true when they reduce reliance on air conditioning as well, resulting in a more eco friendly environment all year round.

Comfortable lighting

Modern offices require a delicate balance of light to create a comfortable environment that enables focussed work. Computer screens and projectors are ubiquitous features that require appropriate lighting to avoid eyestrain. Particularly in buildings which face the sun for the majority of the day, excessive sunlight not only causes discomfort, but can also lower productivity. Professionally installed blinds mean sunlight can be moderated throughout the day without plunging your office into complete darkness. They can even be automated to respond to changing levels of sunlight or remote controlled for extra convenient.

Motorised and remote control options

As well a wide range of manually operated blind systems, we create bespoke, motorised blind systems for remote control and automatic activation. This offers an elegant solution for windows that are tricky to reach although they can be used to great effect in any situation. Remote control systems are well suited to presentation rooms and auditoriums where control of light needs to be enacted quickly and with the minimum of disruption. Motorised blinds can also be set to function automatically, responding to ambient light or set to a specific schedule. This offers security benefits as well as convenience.

If you are interested in our Mottura skylight blinds systems, click here.

Health and Safety compliant

Our installation process is well-established, backed by years of experience fitting in all kinds of environments and compliant with stringent health and safety standards. Having worked with many different types of organisation the safety of everyone on site is always a top priority. We always carry out a thorough risk assessment before beginning work in any office environment. Where specific or unique challenges arise we will discuss these with you before work commences and take any additional precautions necessary. Rest assured, we work to the highest standards of health and safety.

On time and on budget

We are renowned for carrying out work in the most accommodating manner possible. We are dedicated to completing projects on time and on budget, so that you can resume your normal business operations in the time frame you expect. Naturally, we take precautions to keep your premises protected and tidy while we work and we always clean up after ourselves.

If you’re considering blinds for your office Corona Contracts are here to help. With years of experience as professional contractors we’ll listen to your requirements and always find the solution that’s best for you.

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Our after sales support is second to none and we’re always happy to help our valued customers. We find that since out installations are of the highest quality very few customers actually require any maintenance at all. Our office blinds are built to last.

We’ll always try to be as sympathetic as possible to your office environment when carrying out our installations, we understand that you cannot put your business on pause. If you would prefer, we can even arrange an out of office hours installation upon request.

We want you to love your new office blinds, get in touch to discuss how you would like them to blend with your existing office environment and we’ll tailor your installation however we can to accommodate you.

Unfortunately we are unable to work with installations which we ourselves have not supplied.

As part of our extended services we would be happy to advise and assist wherever possible. Many of our components can be adapted to suit non-Corona Contracts products. Please contact us to discuss further or to arrange for a site visit from one of our expert surveyors.

Please contact us to discuss, if repair is impossible we may be able to fit replacement parts.

All of our products come with their own individual guarantees. Our installations are of the highest quality and do not generally require maintenance. If you feel your installation requires servicing we would be happy to help, so please contact us.

As much information as possible will help us (and you) to avoid any surprises! Your location, the size of the area to fitted, the access available to the area, the times the area can be accessed, the desired result e.g. sound insulation, blackout, your preferred material and finish, your budget, your deadline for completion. Please call us for a chat if you are unsure or would like advice.

We have extensive experience of working within commercial spaces and as such often work outside of traditional hours. Please advise us of access times when enquiring about your quote.

We provide a timescale with our quote. We aim to complete all installations as quickly and efficiently as possible, but please remember that in order to provide the highest possible standard of installation and reliability some projects can take several days to complete.

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We have completed many successful projects in Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Preston, Liverpool, the North West and throughout the UK.

Our expert fitters are qualified to ensure health and safety compliance to the highest possible standard, both in the installation environment and in the performance of the finished product. We are also a CHAS accredited company.

We always provide a detailed quote before beginning work on a project. We only begin a project once the quote has been agreed and the contract signed.

In the vast majority of cases we can offer a fixed quote. Only in rare circumstances where the installation becomes more challenging than originally planned may we need to increase our cost. Rest assured we aim to be entirely transparent in this regard and we will discuss any possible issues which may may arise before a project begins.