Uses and Features of Technical Window Film

Technical window film

At Corona Contracts, as well as our industry leading blind and curtain systems, we also offer a selection of other products and light control solutions, including technical window film, which has many uses and applications.

We offer a bespoke technical window film supply and fitting service, providing businesses with an economical way to display branding, increase privacy and customise their internal spaces. Technical window film can be used on its own as a single light control solution, or combined with our curtain and blinds for even greater control of your lighting. On top of our translucent technical films we also offer a dedicated window graphics service, implementing your designs as vibrant opaque laminations. Want to know more about how our window film could benefit your business? Read on to learn about some of the advantages of our latest product.

An easy way to add branding to your workplace

Our work is built on over 20 years of contracting experience. During this time we’ve been creating and installing all kinds of bespoke light control solutions for businesses. We’ve got the tools needed to customise any of our products, but some of the most versatile customisations are available for our technical window film. Because of the nature of the material, we’re able to add a range of cutout designs to the film. This is an excellent economical means for businesses to add their branding or logos to their internal and external windows in a subtle manner. Displaying your branding in windows not only looks professional, it gets the business name in front of more potential customers and helps to spread to word about your business.

Indoor and outdoor privacy

Many modern offices now include internal windows as well as external, for example to separate individual offices without restricting their interaction with the rest of the building. Technical window film is the best way to increase the privacy of these internal spaces whilst maintaining their access to light and their connection to the rest of the building. All of our window film is cut to size, which means more than simply a perfect fit. It can be cut into single strips to add privacy at eye level when seated, or arranged into patterns to provide partial privacy without blocking all light.

For windows that require more comprehensive privacy solutions our window film comes in a range of opacities, from near transparent to one-way vision. If you’re looking to keep prying eyes out of your workplace we’d recommend higher opacity window film. Higher opacity film will make it harder for people to see into the building, but will allow through enough natural light to maintain a pleasant work environment.

An economical way to control the light in your workspace

We stand by the quality of our products, which we believe are some of the best light control options available anywhere. Our technical window film offers businesses a low cost solution to light control, but one that doesn’t compromise on performance. Your business will still receive the same bespoke, perfect fit as with our curtains and blinds. This can have a big impact on your working environment. Achieving a comfortable level of natural ambient light is a goal worth fighting for. This is the best scenario for easily seeing computer screens without glare. This avoids the need to shut out sunlight completely and rely on artificial lighting, even if it’s a lovely day outside. Small changes like this can have a drastic effect on the feel of your workplace and therefore the wellbeing and happiness of everyone within it.

Interested in exploring light control options for your business? Get in touch today to chat to us about our technical window film or any of our other offerings.