Office Blinds Buying Guide

Office blinds

A quick office blinds buying guide of what to keep in mind when getting new blinds for your work space

Over the years we have carried out numerous office blind installations for happy customers across Preston, Lancashire and the North West. We’ve had the pleasure of working with businesses of all sizes, from single room offices to multi-storey operations. For all of these clients, we have fabricated and installed the ideal blind or curtain solution for their environment.

Our range of blinds covers everything from complete blackout blinds, popular with our clients in the hospitality industry, through to luxury material, motorised and automated options. Our products are bespoke and so can be completely tailored to the requirements of our clients. What doesn’t change is our commitment to outstanding service both before, during and post-installation. Based on our previous experience, we’ve put together a quick checklist of things to consider when thinking about your new office blind installation.


When exactly to get started varies on a case-by-case basis. Are you creating a new build, undergoing a thorough office renovation or just having work done on the area around the windows? If you have a lot of work going on you may need to plan ahead so that we can get involved at the right moment to keep things running on schedule.

If your premises is undergoing extensive work we usually slot in as soon as the majority of internal work is completed so you can get back to work nice and quickly. We have an efficient team that’s always ready to go, so if you’re on a tight time-frame get in touch sooner rather than later to get booked in.


Whether you have had design work done for a major refurb, or just want some new ideas for what to do with your blinds, our creative team will help you plan the best blinds for you. We engineer bespoke blinds in-house using high quality, Italian-made Mottura components. We can print custom fabrics too, so your blinds can be matched to your company colours and include your logo for the ultimate professional look.


We are very experienced when it comes to office blinds installation. Since all our products are manufactured at our facility in Preston, we won’t drag huge pieces of equipment through your office. We may require ladders and a handful of tools, but our technicians are well practiced at keeping disruption to a minimum. As well as slotting into the allocated time to complete this work, our staff keep a keen eye on safety throughout the installation process. We take care of the entire installation process so that you don’t have to worry about this part of project yourself.

The simple solution for office blinds

Every set of office blinds we manufacture and install is unique. Our office blinds buying guide is a general outline but we’re always happy to jump on the phone and run over your plans to find the best solution for you. Whatever light control solution you need, be it blinds, curtains, window-film or something unique, reach out to Corona Contracts today, we’d be delighted to help.