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    Job Title Trainee General Assistant Manufacturing & Installations Based at Corona Contracts Ltd, Unit 4a Hillthorpe Farm, Knoll Lane Little Hoole, Preston PR4 4TB Salary £ 17,680 – £ 21,673 pa (£ 8.50 – £ 10.42 per hour) Job Overview Corona Contracts Ltd was established in 2009 and due to continued, exciting growth we are now recruiting another full-time permanent role to work in our busy workshop and assist our manufacturing and installation teams. The successful candidate will be required to work within the manufacturing team in the warehouse, to enable preparation and assembly of all types of commercial blinds and curtain tracks. Travel within the North West Area, to and from installation site with existing technicians and develop a close working relationship/team. A can-do attitude and excellent attention to detail are key to success. Salary dependent on age and or experience. Full training provided. This is a physical and active role e.g. lift and carry large packages. Minimum Mathematics & English GCSE. Please register your interest and attach your CV at

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    Commercial roller blind installation in Hinckley

    The Corona Contracts team recently completed a noteworthy project for the Peninsula Group at their Hinckley, Leicestershire site. Drawing on our expertise in commercial roller blinds, we designed, manufactured and efficiently installed 60 custom roller blinds to spec as part of the company’s ongoing refurbishment at the Hinckley facility. The installation was strategically carried out overnight to minimize disruption to Peninsula Group’s operations and fit perfectly with their refurbishment schedule. This was a great opportunity to showcase our commitment to flexibility, precision, and customer satisfaction. The blinds seamlessly integrated into our client’s schedule and used materials and colours specifically chosen to perfectly match the aesthetic of their interior.    

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    Cubicle curtain track manufacture & installation for beauty school

    Corona Contracts recently completed a successful project for another happy client in the North West. Our team designed, produced, and installed 48 custom cubicle curtain tracks for a prominent beauty school in the region as part of their ongoing refurbishment. Our tailored design perfectly met the school’s functional needs, offering a quick and convenient way to segment the room with smooth and reliable curtain tracks. The tracks also look great, with a satin silver finish which is sympathetic to the other fixtures and fittings in the school. This project is a perfect example of our commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. By handling both the design and installation processes in-house, we were able to ensure seamless coordination and communication throughout the project. This minimised potential issues, kept everything on schedule and guaranteed a quality end result.  

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    Blackout curtains for sensory cinema room

    Corona Contracts recently had the privilege of collaborating with a groundbreaking client who specializes in providing sensory support to individuals with special needs. The client operates a unique centre that is the only facility of its kind, employing state-of-the-art lighting, visuals, and sound equipment to curate tailored sensory experiences for their service users. For this project, Corona Contracts designed, produced, and installed blackout curtains for a dedicated sensory cinema room within the client’s centre. Recognizing the importance of creating a controlled and immersive environment, our blackout curtains were meticulously crafted to spec to ensure complete light blockage and minimise external disturbances, contributing to the overall sensory enhancement of the cinema experience. Our focus on quality and customization aligned seamlessly with the client’s mission to offer a safe and comfortable space for individuals with special needs. This collaboration represents not only our dedication to manufacturing excellence but also our commitment to supporting initiatives that prioritize the well-being and inclusivity of individuals with unique sensory requirements. We are proud to have played a role in the creation of this innovative sensory cinema room and in creating the positive impact that it represents.    

  • Renovating the NHS’s Rosemere House

    The team at Corona Contracts recently donated materials and labour towards the renovation of an extremely important NHS building in the local area. We are proud to have had the opportunity to support our wonderful health service and the work that they do. In support of the local haematology department, which treats serious blood cancers, we manufactured and installed 16 nr vertical blinds, 9 nr roller blinds & 6 panes of glass with technical frost film for privacy at their site on Whinney Heys Road. The new site makes it easier for people who are less able to travel to other local NHS facilities to get the treatment they need. We were delighted to receive a letter of thanks from Dr. Cahalin and the haematology department at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals for our work, which you can read below. We wish Dr. Cahalin and the team the very best with their vitally important work at Rosemere House.  

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    Do blackout blinds save energy?

    At Corona Contracts, we manufacture and install a whole range of light control products, from stage curtains, to window film and motorised blinds systems. Among our most popular products have always been our blackout blinds. Our blackout blinds, like our other products, are designed, manufactured and installed by our in house team. By controlling the entire process from start to finish, we are able to make certain that our blackout blinds offer the perfect fit required for a complete blackout. Clearly there will always be a need for blackout blinds from hotels, presentation suites, lecture halls and other such buildings, but the benefits of our blackout blinds actually go far beyond simply blocking all light from entering a room. Do blackout blinds save energy? In order to block all light from entering a room, blackout blinds are built from layers of extremely tightly woven, high quality fabric. The construction of the layers is such that they work together to neutralise all light. By creating a complete barrier in front of the windows of a building, blackout blinds pose a secondary and most welcome benefit – energy saving through thermal insulation. About 30% of the heat lost from a room...

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    Four ways Corona Contracts blinds and curtains can benefit businesses

    Blinds and curtains can benefit businesses by lowering the amount you’re spending on heating, reducing glare from sunlight and increasing the productivity of your workforce. Corona Contracts have proudly designed, manufactured and installed top quality light control solutions for businesses in the north west and the surrounding areas for many years. We’re proud of our reputation for top quality products and have had the pleasure of working with clients in a number of industries, from entertainment, to commercial businesses and the NHS. Can you business benefit from our great value, bespoke blind and curtain systems? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons businesses favour our products. Bespoke blind and curtain systems for businesses We know that sub par products cost business money in downtime, maintenance and replacement costs, so our top priority is providing the best quality products we can. Setting out with this in mind in one thing, but quality needs to tightly controlled at every stage of the project if the product is to live up to these goals. For this reason, we never subcontract at any point in the process. Our in house team of product designers first devise the perfect solution for our...

  • Office blinds

    Save money on your blinds installation service

    Looking to save money on a blinds and curtains installation service? Having provided businesses across the North West and throughout the surrounding areas with our bespoke blinds, curtains and other light control solutions for a number of years, we’ve built up a lot experience in the world of business. By understanding what’s important to clients across a range of different sectors, we believe we can provide our clients with the smoothest possible experience, from start to finish. By bringing every stage of the process in-house, we save the businesses that we work with both time and money, as well as streamlining the aftercare process. The benefits of working with Corona Contracts Ltd to save money on blinds One of the most important factors affecting our ability to effectively meet the needs of our clients and help you save money on blinds is that we are a single company that controls every stage of the contracting process. Everything we do is in-house. This means from the moment you make contact with us, the moment the job is complete, you’ll be dealing with us and us alone. Designing in house Each product starts with the design, made to the exact specifications...

  • Hotel curtains

    Quality blackout curtains for hotels

    Blackout curtains are enjoying widespread popularity in a number of places. This once specialist product has made its way to the mainstream and is even becoming increasingly common in private homes as well as commercial buildings. As the pace of working life increases, it becomes all the more important that we get full and proper sleep whenever we are able to. Nowhere is this more important than in the hotel industry. When creating blackout curtains for hotels, quality control and professional installation is a must in order to avoid costly maintenance and unhappy customers. At Corona Contracts all our blackout curtains and blinds for hotels are created by us, from design, manufacture to installation. Not only do our customers benefit from the best quality products, their downtime and maintenance costs can be reduced the products last for years, potentially saving substantial amounts of money. Total blackout curtains for hotels One of the most important factors affecting a how a guest feels about their stay in a hotel is the quality of sleep they’re able to get. Curtains that fail to effectively block light, either from the sun or from nearby street lights and other sources, can have a big...

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    How to maintain commercial blinds

    Properly maintaining your commercial blinds gives you more bang for your buck, and we’re going to show you how. With satisfied customers right across the North West and the surrounding districts, we’ve designed, manufactured and installed hundreds of bespoke systems. Each time, our blinds systems save our clients money by providing excellent durability, perfectly suited to the rigours of commercial use. Clients who contact us after installation is completed are always impressed with our aftercare services, which we believe are second to none. Since we control every aspect of the manufacturing and installation process ourselves, providing comprehensive aftercare services is part of our mandate. For clients who have had their blinds for some time, we thought it might be helpful to pull together a little information about how to keep commercial blinds looking great for longer. Stain removal Accidents happen. From time to time your blinds may get splashed with drinks, or become marked simply from daily use. Whatever the cause, take care when attempting to remove stains to avoid permanently discolouring your material. The first port of call should be water. Using a soft cloth and some lukewarm water, gently dab at the offending area. Remember not to...

  • Technical window film

    Uses and Features of Technical Window Film

    At Corona Contracts, as well as our industry leading blind and curtain systems, we also offer a selection of other products and light control solutions, including technical window film, which has many uses and applications. We offer a bespoke technical window film supply and fitting service, providing businesses with an economical way to display branding, increase privacy and customise their internal spaces. Technical window film can be used on its own as a single light control solution, or combined with our curtain and blinds for even greater control of your lighting. On top of our translucent technical films we also offer a dedicated window graphics service, implementing your designs as vibrant opaque laminations. Want to know more about how our window film could benefit your business? Read on to learn about some of the advantages of our latest product. An easy way to add branding to your workplace Our work is built on over 20 years of contracting experience. During this time we’ve been creating and installing all kinds of bespoke light control solutions for businesses. We’ve got the tools needed to customise any of our products, but some of the most versatile customisations are available for our technical window...

  • Office design trends

    Office design trends of 2017

    At Corona Contracts many of our customers are from office-based businesses. Over the years we have created bespoke curtain and blind solutions for a number of high profile executive offices, boardrooms and conference rooms. Sometimes we are contacted when a business needs a refresh, on other occasions we work directly with interior design teams during the planning and construction phase of an office build in order to provide a bespoke solution that fits with the surrounding architecture. Having had the privilege of working in a number of impressive executive spaces, we thought we’d put together some observations on modern office trends that might be of interest if you’re moving into a new space or considering a refit. Remember, all of our blind and curtain solutions are entirely bespoke, so whatever your dream setup is, we’ve got the expertise to help you realise it. Wireless gadget charging Built in technology has been on the horizon for a while, but with wireless gadget charging now starting to become more prevalent, built in technology is going to become more ubiquitous in the workplace. Even Ikea now sell desks with integrated wireless charging points. Of course, this is really going to hit the...