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Discover our built-to-order verandas, designed for commercial use from £2420+VAT. These are ideal for adding usable outdoor space to your building whilst also providing shelter from the weather.

Verandas are fixed, permanent coverings that are attached directly to your building. They’re the perfect choice for businesses that require outdoor space throughout the year.

Our designs come in a range of custom shapes and sizes to suit the exact needs of our clients. Whether you’re looking to cover a small area or an entire side of your property, our skilled team will design and install the perfect custom veranda for you. The finished product will protect users from all types of weather, whilst looking great and remaining incredibly practical.

Our verandas can be designed to be either open or enclosed, allowing you to choose how much of the outside you would like to bring into your design.


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Benefits of verandas from Corona Contracts

Quick turnaround: Depending on the specification of the design, in as little as three to four weeks our skilled team will be ready to attend and install your veranda.

Custom designs: Every client is unique, so all of our verandas are designed to our clients’ exact specifications to ensure they enjoy the most practical design possible.

Aftersales support & warranty: Every veranda we install comes with a 10 year guarantee. Each structure is designed to meet or exceed all relevant safety standards and to withstand the demands of commercial use for years to come.

Quick, tidy installation: When the time comes to install your veranda, you’ll be delighted to know that we will aim to complete the process in just one working day. Owing to our many years of experience working with busy commercial clients, we’ll carry out the work with minimal disruption to your business. We always clear up fully after the work is complete.

UK manufactured: Our verandas are great for the environment. Since they’re designed and manufactured in the UK, they minimise greenhouse gas production whilst also supporting British manufacturing.

Privacy: Our verandas can be manufactured with transparent or opaque walls to customise your level of privacy.

What are verandas useful for?

Verandas have a wealth of practical uses, such as:

  • Extending your building
  • Providing a sheltered smoking or eating area
  • Adding style to your premises
  • Providing an area where clients can enjoy the sun
  • Sheltering and entrance or exit from the wind or rain

Who might benefit from a veranda?

Our clients include schools, universities, hospitals, the NHS, bars, restaurants and cafés. Any commercial space that could benefit from flexible, sheltered outdoor space can benefit from one of our verandas.

If you want to know more about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!