• Mosque Curtains

    Mosque Curtains

    Corona Contracts are specialists in the manufacture and installation of theatre, acoustic and stage curtains, including curtains designed for...

  • Church Curtains

    Church Curtains

    We have over 20 years of experience contracting for various different buildings and institutions, including churches. Our bespoke curtains...

  • Stage Backdrop Curtains

    Stage backdrop curtains

    We design, manufacture & install stage backdrop curtains for entertainment venues, presentation theatres & lecture halls.

  • Stage Backdrop Curtains

    Theatre Drapes Manufacture & Installation

    We design, manufacture & install theatre drapes and stage curtains for entertainment venues and commercial spaces. Our quality, bespoke...

  • Black Stage Curtains

    Black Stage Curtain Manufacture & Installation

    We create & install black stage curtain designs for venues, halls and assembly spaces. Our quality, bespoke designs are...

  • black stage curtain

    Theatre Curtains

    Corona Contracts Ltd design, manufacture & install theatre curtains for stage & performance use, including motorised theatre curtain track...

  • Room Divider Curtains Installation

    Room divider curtains Installation

    Corona Contracts Ltd design, manufacture & install room divider curtains for spaces of all sizes including classrooms, offices and...

  • Cinema Curtains Installation

    Cinema Curtains Installation

    Corona Contracts design and manufacture bespoke, large format cinema curtains and stage curtains for event spaces and venues.

  • Fire Retardant Curtains

    Fire Retardant Curtains

    The fireproof curtains we manufacture meet all UK regulations with regards to flame resistance and look great too.

  • office

    Office Curtain Installation

    Design, manufacture & installation of office curtains and track systems, designed for a perfect fit and years of reliable...