Office design trends of 2017

Office design trends

At Corona Contracts many of our customers are from office-based businesses. Over the years we have created bespoke curtain and blind solutions for a number of high profile executive offices, boardrooms and conference rooms. Sometimes we are contacted when a business needs a refresh, on other occasions we work directly with interior design teams during the planning and construction phase of an office build in order to provide a bespoke solution that fits with the surrounding architecture.

Having had the privilege of working in a number of impressive executive spaces, we thought we’d put together some observations on modern office trends that might be of interest if you’re moving into a new space or considering a refit. Remember, all of our blind and curtain solutions are entirely bespoke, so whatever your dream setup is, we’ve got the expertise to help you realise it.

Wireless gadget charging

Built in technology has been on the horizon for a while, but with wireless gadget charging now starting to become more prevalent, built in technology is going to become more ubiquitous in the workplace. Even Ikea now sell desks with integrated wireless charging points. Of course, this is really going to hit the big time when Apple integrate wireless charging into their future iPhones. Keep your eye on wireless tech if you’re thinking about refitting your office any time soon.

Standing desks

Having been trendy in parts of the United States for some time, we’re now starting to see standing desks making their way over to the UK. As we become more health conscious, the benefits and advantages of standing desks are undeniable; enhanced concentration, no more lower back pain, metabolic boosts and generally more engaged and active staff. Many office supply outlets sell desks with easy height adjustment systems, offering a flexible approach to standing desks which can be a good way to test the water without committing to fixed height standing desks.

Better acoustic treatment

Those who have spent time in large office spaces will know that big spaces and towering walls mean a lot of echoing sound. Flat surfaces are perfect for reflecting sound. Whilst many office designers argue the importance of allowing plenty of natural light into a space, impressive features like floor to ceiling windows can boost distracting sound reflections. The benefits of acoustically treating an office space are a much calmer and more relaxed environment where staff and customers don’t have to talk as loudly to be heard. One of the best ways to deal with rogue sound reflections is with thick acoustically-optimised curtains, which we can create for you right here at our facility in Preston. These heavy duty curtains are effective at absorbing sound that would normally reflect from windows and hard surfaces.

Built in branding

We’re finding it more common than ever to see the colours and style of a business implemented in the workplace. With the ever-increasing presence of social media in our lives, brands which wouldn’t have traditionally been considered social are having to become more so. Slick modern branding and smart colour palettes are now being reproduced offline as well as on these digital channels. What this means is creating an interior decor which carries the brand colours, internal signage that uses brand fonts and investing in branded accessories. At Corona Contracts we create customised vinyl designs which can be applied to internal and external windows. We can add logos, slogans and branding to this, inspiring staff and impressing visitors. Our curtains and blinds can also be manufactured in your choice of colours and include custom prints, so if your brand has a particular palette, logo or message you can ensure that this continues throughout the workspace, making for social content.

Having worked in many different office environments, we understand how important it is to create the kind of environment in which staff can be comfortable and productive. Our bespoke blinds, curtains and window film is designed, manufactured and installed by us, ensuring quality at every step of the way. If you’re looking for light control solutions that work with the design of your office then look no further, whatever your needs, we’ll find a solution that looks great, performs perfectly and can stand up to commercial use.