Church Curtains

Church Curtains

At Corona Contracts we have over 20 years of experience contracting for various different buildings and institutions, including churches. Our bespoke curtains can be made to fit any space, including those with high ceilings and unusual angles.

We are trusted contractors, having carried out successful projects in various parts of the UK including Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Preston and Liverpool, where we have supplied stage curtains for schools and halls, as well as other bespoke curtain and blind installations.

Flexible installation

We have plenty of experience when it comes to fitting curtains and blinds in religious spaces, completing jobs that often need to be finished within a strict time frame. We boast a commercial blinds division which allows us to manufacture much of what we install ourselves, giving us complete control over delivery times and costs. By controlling each stage of the process we can guarantee customer satisfaction in our services.

At Corona Contracts we offer practical solutions to the type of interior design issues you might find in a church. We also work with interior designers and architects, so if you’re planning a new building on an existing site we can get involved in the process at the earliest opportunity to find the light and curtain solution that will perform best in the new space.


Stage curtains can be used to create a striking visual impact, but also minimise sound reflections and create separation between different areas within large spaces. All our products are commercial grade and will survive years or repeated operation and thousands of hours of usage. We will work with you to understand the technical requirements of your space and then adapt our fabrication process to create a product that performs as well as possible.

Bespoke design

As we design and create the curtains ourselves, we know exactly what fitment strategy will achieve the most reliable and lasting results. We often work in older buildings with unusual designs or challenging access requirements, so rest assured that no matter how unique your situation we have the means and patience to achieve the best installation possible.

The components and materials we use to create our stage curtains are of the highest standard, sourced from Mottura, the industry-leader. We choose Mottura as, after many years, we are confident they offer the highest performance available today. In the extremely unlikely event that anything does go wrong, you will find our aftercare service to be one of the most comprehensive and dedicated available.

We have a huge range of fabrics available to suit your decor and our experienced installation team fit your new curtain system to the highest specification. All of our curtains conform to above and beyond all relevant safety standards appropriate for their installation including flame resistance. By using our motorised tracking systems you can enhance the functionality of your stage. Any potential ligature hazards can also be negated and completely automated operation is also possible.

If you want to see examples of this kind of work we’ve done in the past, check out our portfolio page, and if you have any questions about what we have to offer, please get in touch on 01772 616426 today!