Theatre Curtains


In our many years of contracting experience we’ve had the pleasure of working with some stunning entertainment venues, producing curtains for stages and performance spaces include fireproof curtains for public buildings and sound deadening curtains for cinemas. In each case, our products are meticulously designed to the exact specification of our clients. We design, manufacture and install all of our theatre curtains in house, handling every stage of the process ourselves. Working in this way ensures our stage curtains offer the perfect fit for every town hall, event space or lecture hall in which they are fitted.

Theatre curtains for large halls and commercial spaces

Theatre curtains need a premium look and feel to contribute positively to the feel of a space. We stock a huge range of fabrics and finishing options to ensure that our clients in the theatre industry receive curtains that match their existing decor as closely as possible. We can design for a huge range of widths and drop lengths and can devise a system to work for even the most challenging of spaces. From traditional velvet style finishes, through to more modern bright and patterned fabrics, we’ll work with your interior design team or architects in order to ensure your theatre curtains look great for years to come. We handle everything in house so you receive the kind of bespoke, high quality product that an arts venue deserves.

Motorised theatre curtains

We offer many different customisation and upgrade options for the theatre curtains we build. Amongst them, the most popular is our motorised and remote control curtain track system. These systems offer smooth, near silent operation, perfect to preserve the atmosphere in a hushed theatre or to impress visitors to a conference centre. We’ve tested all of the available motorised options on the market and believe that by sourcing components from Italian supplier Mottura we can implement systems that offer flawless performance throughout thousands of hours of commercial use. These robust, high quality systems offer a high degree of flexibility with regards to layout, being suited to both single and multiple panel stage curtain systems. All of our motorised theatre curtain track systems come with manual backup operation so the curtain can still be operated in the case of a power failure.

Sounding dampening

Theatre curtains from Corona Contracts can be manufactured to reduce sonic reflections in large spaces. By using advanced, technical fabric we are able to minimise the amount of echo in large rooms such as those used for theatre performance. Many theatre customers find this a welcome upgrade, as it can noticeably reduce the ambient sound level, improving the clarity of accoustics. Sound dampening theatre curtains can be used not only for stages, but also can to line the walls of an event space or even as room dividers for backstage areas, which can help keep audible disturbances from affecting the performance.

Fire resistant

Theatre curtains used in public spaces should adhere to all health and safety legislation. Having designed and installed curtain systems for use in public places including NHS hospitals for a number of years, we are fully versed in all health and safety requirements and able to meet them without issue. Theatre curtains for drama classrooms and school halls can be installed with anti-ligature systems as well as BS5867 complaint fireproofing material. When our engineers install theatre curtains, risk assessments will be taken where needed and signage will be used to indicate that work is taking place. Once work is completed our engineers will clean up fully and remove all tools and debris from the area, leaving it completely safe for use.

Theatre curtains designed to specification

All theatre curtains from Corona Contracts are designed to the exact specifications of our customers. This means a professional fit and finish every time. Our bespoke stage curtains offer unbeatable value, since the top quality workmanship and components we use ensure decades of hassle free operation. In the unlikely case of any issues with our products our clients can rest assured we aim to provide industry leading aftercare services. We’re only a phone call away should you have any questions about your theatre curtains. If you’d like to learn more about our services or talk about an installation please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Corona Contacts today.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to cater to any non-standard requests, please give us a call to discuss. We can provide a printing service to apply your company’s logo or other desired pattern to a fabric.

Please contact us to discuss, if repair is impossible we may be able to fit replacement parts.

All of our products come with their own individual guarantees. Our installations are of the highest quality and do not generally require maintenance. If you feel your installation requires servicing we would be happy to help, so please contact us.

As much information as possible will help us (and you) to avoid any surprises! Your location, the size of the area to fitted, the access available to the area, the times the area can be accessed, the desired result e.g. sound insulation, blackout, your preferred material and finish, your budget, your deadline for completion. Please call us for a chat if you are unsure or would like advice.

We provide a timescale with our quote. We aim to complete all installations as quickly and efficiently as possible, but please remember that in order to provide the highest possible standard of installation and reliability some projects can take several days to complete.

We have completed many successful projects in Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Preston, Liverpool, the North West and throughout the UK.

Our expert fitters are qualified to ensure health and safety compliance to the highest possible standard, both in the installation environment and in the performance of the finished product. We are also a CHAS accredited company.

In the vast majority of cases we can offer a fixed quote. Only in rare circumstances where the installation becomes more challenging than originally planned may we need to increase our cost. Rest assured we aim to be entirely transparent in this regard and we will discuss any possible issues which may may arise before a project begins.

Our modular systems can be used to cater to all kinds of large or unusually shaped projects. The limitations are dependant on the system, for example for curtain tracks the weight of the curtain may be what restricts the length. This is why we offer a bespoke design service to ensure that we create and fit the system that best meets your needs.

Absolutely, please contact us advising of a delivery address and the fabrics you are interested in. Alternatively, please contact us for professional advice on materials suitable for your project.

Our expertise is in large commercial projects. However, if you feel you have a private project which may be suitable please get in touch to discuss.

These disposable curtains have been developed to fit directly to the vast majority of cubicle curtain track currently in use. There is no need for costly modifications to your track.