Stage curtains and summer renovations for schools

School hall curtains

We’re heading into a very busy time for schools and colleges, exam season is on the horizon and most will be pooling available resources into planning for that period. When exams are finally concluded and summer arrives we head into a busy time of a different variety. We’ve worked with a huge number of primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities so we know the familiar routine; once the students head off for the summer, it’s time to get the contractors on site. Read on to find out about how stage curtains factor into your summer renovations.

Over the years we’ve manufactured and installed blinds and curtains for school halls, classrooms, drama studios and auditoriums. We understand the time pressure that is placed on the limited window that is the summer, planning ahead is vital. If you’re thinking about updating or repairing your institution’s curtains or blinds get in touch with us as soon as possible for a chat about your timescales, we may have limited availability during this high demand period.

The blinds and curtains we create and install are all made to order. We can manufacture and fit a huge range of drop lengths to fit even very large hall spaces, or tailor curtains and blinds for unusually shaped buildings. We create custom curtain track systems and offer motorised options which can be ideal for institutions with windows that are difficult to access, something we see a lot in older school buildings when carrying out renovations. Our motorised curtains and blinds are available with remote control operation too, for the ultimate in convenience and dramatic effect. They’re extremely popular with clients because of their professional appearance and reliability.

Many of the educational institutions we work with are used by hundreds or even thousands of students and staff on a daily basis. Only the highest quality blinds and curtains can stand up to this level of use. All curtain and blind systems are manufactured to our client’s specification in house in our facility in Preston using only the highest quality Italian-made Mottura components. Individual construction and materials vary based on the client’s situation and we can make adjustments to find the right cost to suit you. If you have no idea what type of blinds or curtains would best fit your requirements we’ll work out the best solution for you based on your wishes and space. We’re always happy to advise and help with the technical side if you aren’t sure. We also pride on our customer aftercare, so you can rest assured that we will be able to provide support and maintenance, helping you to get the most out of your investment.

Our curtain and blind solutions often find a great deal of use outside of the main assembly areas too. Because everything we create is bespoke, we can find a solution to almost any need you may have, curtains for drama classrooms, sound dampening curtains for music schools, blackout blinds for laboratories and darkrooms and more. Primary schools and school supporting special education can choose our anti-ligature systems which are engineered to meet a high standard of health and safety. All necessary risk assessments and precautions are always taken before work begins in any school, educational institution or public space we work in. Once the project is underway we endeavour to reduce disruption and ensure that we are out of the way, and tidied up after, as soon as possible.

Our ability to create safe, bespoke blinds and curtains that work in even the most unusual of spaces, whilst also keeping to tight timescales and budgets, has made us extremely popular with schools and institutions. If you’re looking for some stage curtains for your summer renovations and think our services could be of use then get in touch today and have a chat with team, we’d love to find the ideal solution for your school.