Environmentally friendly office blinds

office blinds

Getting the right environmentally friendly office blinds can help maintain the temperature you want, reducing heat loss and preventing over heating.

High quality, well-fitted blinds fit windows perfectly, and if they are custom made you can use the right materials to get the results you want.

Blinds that are fitted for a specific environment offer a wide range of advantages to the workplace. Particularly in larger offices, blinds will save you money by slowing heat gain and loss through window glass. Overheads are important, and the amount of savings that can be made from having the right blinds can be significant. Windows are the primary area of heat loss in buildings, particularly in large rooms that are difficult to heat, and the insulating boost from well-fitted blinds will make a big difference to any building. Blinds will also help to reduce reliance on air conditioning to adjust the temperature, making your office more environmentally friendly.

At Corona Contracts we have a wide range of manually operated blinds, but we also create bespoke, motorised blinds systems for remote control and automatic activation. They provide an elegant solution for windows that are hard to reach, but they also have obvious advantages in other situations too. Remote control systems are well suited to presentation rooms and auditoriums where you might need to change the lighting with minimum disruption. You can also set motorised blinds to operate automatically, as some of our products respond to ambient light or can be set to a specific schedule.

On top of that, creating a pleasant environment for your employees has been shown to increase productivity, and temperature and lighting are a big part of this. Nobody wants to work in an office where the sun is glaring through their window at a certain time of the day, and when it’s too hot or too cold work can also be disrupted.

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