Do blackout blinds save energy?

Energy saving lightbulb

At Corona Contracts, we manufacture and install a whole range of light control products, from stage curtains, to window film and motorised blinds systems. Among our most popular products have always been our blackout blinds.

Our blackout blinds, like our other products, are designed, manufactured and installed by our in house team. By controlling the entire process from start to finish, we are able to make certain that our blackout blinds offer the perfect fit required for a complete blackout. Clearly there will always be a need for blackout blinds from hotels, presentation suites, lecture halls and other such buildings, but the benefits of our blackout blinds actually go far beyond simply blocking all light from entering a room.

Do blackout blinds save energy?

In order to block all light from entering a room, blackout blinds are built from layers of extremely tightly woven, high quality fabric. The construction of the layers is such that they work together to neutralise all light. By creating a complete barrier in front of the windows of a building, blackout blinds pose a secondary and most welcome benefit – energy saving through thermal insulation.

About 30% of the heat lost from a room is via the windows. Being generally the thinnest point of contact between the air in a room and the air outside it, heat can quickly diffuse through the glass of a window. Adding any additional layers to this arrangement will reduce the energy lost. Blackout blinds are particularly good for this task since they are designed to provide a complete seal between the windows and the room, unlike standard curtains or blinds which aren’t necessarily fitted for a complete seal.

At a time when the cost of energy is rising quicker than ever and the condition of the environment has been brought into sharp focus, any energy saving measures are most welcome. The exact amount of energy that can be saved cannot be calculated exactly, as it depends on both the construction of the building, its windows and the heating system used to heat it.

How to use blackout blinds to save energy

In order to get useful energy savings from blackout blinds, it’s best to follow a few basic steps. First, ensure the blinds are closed at the end of the day or, even better, once the sun goes down. This will ensure that any warm air already in the room is contained and doesn’t get lost to the cooler outside air at night.

Second, if possible, make certain the blinds are open when the sun shines into the building in the morning or afternoon. By allowing the sunlight in when it is convenient to do so, the room will warm up naturally and place less of a burden on the heating system. Alternatively, in the summer months when the weather is already warm, closing the blinds whilst the sun is shining may also be beneficial. If the room gets too hot in the summer, blocking sunlight can help reduce air conditioning costs and the use of cooling fans.

How to get top quality blackout blinds for your business

Blackout blinds are amongst the best light control solutions available. By completely eliminating light from entering a room it is possible to avoid any issues with glare, to save energy heating and cool a space and to promote a better night’s sleep. Our curtains and blinds are entirely designed and built in house by our dedicated team, then installed by our own engineers for the highest possible quality fit and finish. If our products could be useful for your business do reach out to our team today and let us know more about your needs.