Quality blackout curtains for hotels

Hotel curtains

Blackout curtains are enjoying widespread popularity in a number of places. This once specialist product has made its way to the mainstream and is even becoming increasingly common in private homes as well as commercial buildings. As the pace of working life increases, it becomes all the more important that we get full and proper sleep whenever we are able to. Nowhere is this more important than in the hotel industry. When creating blackout curtains for hotels, quality control and professional installation is a must in order to avoid costly maintenance and unhappy customers. At Corona Contracts all our blackout curtains and blinds for hotels are created by us, from design, manufacture to installation. Not only do our customers benefit from the best quality products, their downtime and maintenance costs can be reduced the products last for years, potentially saving substantial amounts of money.

Total blackout curtains for hotels

One of the most important factors affecting a how a guest feels about their stay in a hotel is the quality of sleep they’re able to get. Curtains that fail to effectively block light, either from the sun or from nearby street lights and other sources, can have a big impact on this. Cheap blackout curtains will never be up to the task, since bespoke fitment is essential for complete control over the light entering a room. The chance of repeat custom from a guest who wasn’t able to get a good night’s sleep are low, and they might also leave you with a bad review online. Top quality blackout blinds can therefore soon pay for themselves in the repeat visits and lack of negative PR. It’s simply more cost effective to get this right first time than deal with the ongoing maintenance and dissatisfaction of a lower quality product. Our blackout curtains and blinds for hotels are built to the exact specification of your windows and installed by us, meaning we get it right.

One solution for all hotel blackout curtains and blinds

Some companies use separate contractors to aid with the installation or manufacture of their products. This is often a cost saving measure, since it saves the cost of investing in expensive, enterprise grade manufacturing tools. At Corona Contracts, with over 20 years contracting experience, we believe the only way to create the best quality product is to control every stage of the product installation process. For this reason, all of our products are produced under our control. Our blackout curtains are designed at our headquarters in Preston by our in house team, then built in house by us too. We can make small changes to your specification to ensure that your system is able to meet your needs without incurring extra costs for unnecessary features. Finally, our technicians install your blackout curtains themselves. This is particularly beneficial for our clients in the hotel industry, since many of these buildings contain hundreds of rooms with the same specification, we’re able to quickly and efficiently scale our manufacturing process to create top quality blackout curtains for all your rooms and have you up and running in no time. We’re also able to customise our products to match your hotel, we can create white blackout curtains as well as black and add your logo or branding to our products too. Perfect for that boutique touch.

Blackout curtains to last the lifetime of your hotel

We understand that when our products are used in a commercial setting they need to stand up to a lot of use and abuse. Hotel guests aren’t always going to treat their rooms with the same care and attention that would in their own homes. This means the fixtures and fittings need to be extremely robust to keep down costly maintenance and replacement costs. We’ve learned there is no substitute for top quality components, so rest assured that every blackout curtain we create is done so with the best quality components on the market. The track and roller systems we use are fit to work perfectly for many many of cycles. For hotels looking for luxury options, our motorised systems offer remote control and automated blackout curtain tracks which are equally well built, using only the best quality components available. In the unlikely event that you experience any problems with our products, you’ll find that our aftercare services are unparalleled, meaning downtime is minimised and that we can use the correct replacement components should any issues occur.

Need a hand kitting your your hotel with blackout curtains that can truly perform? Our products are up to the challenge. Get in touch with the team today to discuss your needs and how we can help transform your hotel.