Save money on your blinds installation service

Office blinds

Looking to save money on a blinds and curtains installation service? Having provided businesses across the North West and throughout the surrounding areas with our bespoke blinds, curtains and other light control solutions for a number of years, we’ve built up a lot experience in the world of business.

By understanding what’s important to clients across a range of different sectors, we believe we can provide our clients with the smoothest possible experience, from start to finish. By bringing every stage of the process in-house, we save the businesses that we work with both time and money, as well as streamlining the aftercare process.

The benefits of working with Corona Contracts Ltd to save money on blinds

One of the most important factors affecting our ability to effectively meet the needs of our clients and help you save money on blinds is that we are a single company that controls every stage of the contracting process. Everything we do is in-house. This means from the moment you make contact with us, the moment the job is complete, you’ll be dealing with us and us alone.

Designing in house

Each product starts with the design, made to the exact specifications of the space in which it is to be fitted to ensure a perfect match. Our in house design team will take on board the preferences of our client, bringing together their chosen material and colour palette to craft the ideal blind or curtain installation for the space.

Manufacturing in partnership with design

We then move the manufacturing, again using an in house team and our own equipment to carry out the process. We do the preparation and printing of fabrics ourselves and use the best Italian made Mottura components.

Because our manufacturing team work with our design team, our clients reap the time and cost saving benefits of our efficient communication. If manufacture was outsourced and an issue arose relating to the design the could cause any number of expensive delays from communication to manufacturing errors.

By working as a single team, we avoid this risk. Any issues can be dealt with on the spot, keeping us on schedule for each job and helping you save money on blinds. We pride ourselves on promptly sticking to deadlines and have the workflows in place to achieving outstanding delivery times.

Installed to the same standards as the manufacture

With the blinds or curtains complete all that remains is installation. To be sure that our clients get the best installation and one that will stand up to the rigours of commercial use, we install all of our bespoke solutions ourselves. Since we’re responsible for the installation, our broader reputation hinges on this part of the process.

All of our clients therefore receive top-tier punctual and safe installation services. We’ll clean up thoroughly after work is completed and stick to the timings set out in the contract. This approach minimises any possible disruption to your business and provides us with the incentive to deliver the best on-site services to our clients.

Understanding the needs of businesses, start to finish

Having carried out this three stage progress many hundreds of times over the years, each of our clients benefits from our all road experience contracting for businesses. We’re able to easily integrate ourselves into the procurement and management processes used by large businesses, acting with professionalism and communicating clearly and promptly, saving you time and money by minimising disruption.

Often our work is factored into larger refurbishment operations, so we understand that time is everything and that our work must stick to the expected timetable in order to avoid delays to other contractors’ work. Our client’s appreciate that when working with Corona Contracts there are no surprises, work is always completed on time and on budget.

One point of contact for all aftercare enquiries

By partnering with a single company for your blind and curtain design, manufacture and installation any aftercare services are also streamlined. Owing to our commitment to the highest quality manufacture and installation, our clients rarely experience any issues with our products. We are absolutely committed to providing the best aftercare service we can, so whenever our clients have questions about their installation we’re always on hand to help.

We believe that by taking care of the entire process of our curtain and blind services, our clients save time and money whilst receiving a top quality product more than suitable to stand up to commercial use. If your office, hospital, school or venue could benefit from our bespoke blind and curtain systems, including remote control and motorised options get in touch today for a quote.