Choose the right anti-ligature blinds to comply with you health and safety


Anti-ligature blinds and fixings are designed to prevent the tying of materials such as rope or wire to furniture in homes and businesses. This reduces the possibility of individuals using objects such as blinds or door handles to harm themselves or others. Anti-ligature is especially important in buildings where a high level of security and safety is required, such as care homes, hospitals and psychiatric institutions.

Though they are an obvious preventative measure against suicide attempts in high-risk environments, anti-ligature blinds and curtains have health and safety benefits when it comes to accidental injuries, too. Tragically, a two-year-old girl from Sunderland was killed when she was playing with her brother and became tangled up in a blind cord earlier this year. Even for those of us who are parents, out of all the potential dangers in the family home, curtain and blind cords might not be one that immediately springs to mind, but 28 children have been killed in this way since 1999.

An e-petition asking the government to ban dangerous blinds received over 10,000 signatures and helped to tighten European regulations with regards to this particular product, but there are still hundreds of millions of potentially dangerous blind types in family homes. For advice on how to make corded blinds safe for children, take a look at this video from the British Blind and Shutter Association.

We specialise in providing solutions to you, our customers when it comes to the interior design of buildings. We have a large range of blinds and curtain types to choose from, and each design puts a premium on safety. Our competitive pricing and customer service make us the best choice for contractors, facilities managers, local authorities, end users at home, architects, and designers. We can offer solutions to any specific building requirements as our dedicated technicians and installation engineers work with contractors, architects and end users from an early stage. We undertake site surveys and on site project management to ensure the smooth running of projects from beginning to end.

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