What are the benefits of motorised blinds?

Motorised curtains

Have you considered the benefit of installing motorised blinds in your business space?

Whether a university auditorium or a top of the line conference suite, Corona Contracts have the specialist knowledge and industrial expertise to tailor the perfect custom solution. Not only do motorised blinds lend an air of professionalism to a space, their low maintenance, low energy design means they’re a joy to use and are appropriate for a huge range of venues.

It seems everything is going wireless these days, and indeed motorised solutions are becoming increasingly common. It’s easy to see why; beyond their obvious convenience our motorised solutions completely do away with any issues of restricted access to hard reach or awkward areas whilst completely removing any possible ligature hazards which can be problematic in medical or school spaces.
But motorised blinds don’t just solve practical problems, they also impart a cutting-edge professional feel to a space and provide a time saving boost in productivity. In fact, our motorised solutions can be completely automated, so you’ll never even have to lift a finger. Our motorised solutions can also be installed to blackout or specific acoustic specifications if required, broadening their application further into theatre or cinema spaces and beyond.

Traditional thought might be that motorised blinds would only be suitable for certain spaces, perhaps limited by the need for simple, straight line installations or impractical due to the size or drop length of the installation. With Corona Contracts’ solutions such things need not be a problem. At Corona Contracts we specialise in custom and bespoke solutions for your space, whatever challenges it presents. We will listen, plan and implement solutions to your absolute satisfaction. What’s more, our motorised solutions consume an astonishingly low amount of power and boast guaranteed reliability.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Corona Contracts, whatever the requirements of your space; finding the perfect fit for your space is our passion.